About us

Visual Media Concepts produces innovative educational programs that deliver information in a cost-effective, easy to use format for the specific purpose of retaining existing clients and obtaining new clients. We believe that educating current and prospective clients about the full range of your services will result in more referral business for you.

Our Products

All of our programs are available on DVD and are designed to play on a continuous loop in a waiting room, as a website upload, or as a fully interactive hand-out DVD.  These hand-out discs are great when used as part of a comprehensive marketing plan or at trade shows and health fairs.  All of our programs combine audio and visual materials designed in-house by our award winning team of graphic artists, voice over artists, producers, and engineers.  We are endorsed and sponsored by well respected organizations and eductional institutions crossing a number of industries and have partnered with many companies to bring additional value to our customers.  Our Vendor Sponsor Program is an example of how we are making our educational programs more affordable.  And its easy to implement.  When a Doctor chooses a product infomercial, the corresponding vendor will offer a rebate or a product voucher to the Doctor as a thank you.

Our products are effective tools for communicating large amounts of complex information in clear and concise segments that can be viewed separately and repeatedly to reinforce understanding.  They are an invaluable tool to educate patients.